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An elected official with a higher standard.

I see you, I hear you, and I want to go to Washington and fight for you.

I'm in this
campaign to win,
for you.

I am running for the United States Congress to give voice to a district and region that has been rendered voiceless.

I am running to bring visibility to people who have for too long felt invisible and to give a say to those who have felt cut out of the political process.

People like the single mother, working two jobs to pay the rent and provide food and shelter for her children; the young adult struggling under crushing student debt while trying to make something of themselves; the retired couple on a fixed income trying to survive the rising cost of living; the child who has every right to dream but is denied the educational opportunities needed to achieve.

It’s the working family that’s fallen on hard times and is in danger of losing their home, it’s the parents, desperate to get substance abuse treatment for their child; It’s the small farmer and business owner struggling to stay afloat.


As a student of history I have been deeply inspired by the civil rights movement especially heroic and courageous women like Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Baker and by President Obama who organized people and showed that ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Together, we can bring the ordinary peoples’ voice to Washington.

Not the voice of big money, not the voice of big business or even the political parties, but the voice of the people.

In this campaign, we expect nothing, but instead hope to earn every ounce of support that will fuel this victory, our victory. And with your help we can make South Jersey better together.

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We need to be working to serve all of our constituents.

Freeholder Ashley Bennett

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